Hello. I’m Richard.

I’ve spent 17 years melding multimedia skills and communications kudos across print, broadcast and new media roles.

I’m currently responsible for the redevelopment of the National Building Specification website for the Royal Institute of British Architects. In less than a year the site has moved from hand-coded HTML, legacy systems and outdated design to a brand-new technical infrastructure and content management system and taken on a new brand identity.

It’s a role that’s seen me waist-high in page design, user experience testing, brand identity, company and product proposition, tone of voice, style and a range of processes to deliver more intelligent and engaging communications across print, website, and email channels.

As you may have guessed, I love a challenge (and I’ve had my fair share of those along the way!)….

• I presented my first radio show at 16 (and a few years later was ‘Talking Technology’ on BBC Radio Five Live).

• I reviewed almost every MP3 player on the market for a national magazine, just weeks before a certain Mr Jobs changed things for ever.

• I’ve edited reader’s letters for a newspaper (even the green ink ones) and subbed copy written in broad Geordie dialect.

• I’ve worked with community groups to develop a range of multimedia content for the BBC.

• I’ve delivered websites to support high-profile government campaigns, working with contacts at every UK University and college delivering HE courses.

• I once ‘cracked’ a safe so final year students could sit their exams.

• I tore down and rebuilt a local authority’s web estate – delivering new websites for a museum, an internationally renowned street festival, local tourism, events and Olympics activities along the way.

• I devised extensive product documentation, training and communications for mobile phone encryption software and a bespoke project management tool across multiple territories.

I clearly keep busy.

When I’m not making or consuming the digitals, I make valiant attempts at DIY, and listen to what could kindly be described as ‘eclectic’ Spotify playlists. Thanks to my daughter I have an encyclopedic knowledge of PAW Patrol.

I like working on interesting things. If you’ve such a thing… get in touch.

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