Feeling BIM-spired. You just won’t believe what Richard did next*

Every so often, at least if my career history is anything to go by, I feel the need to plunge head first into a brand-new subject area, taking my digital transformation and content writing skills along for the ride.

When I worked for a digital agency for the higher education sector, my only expertise was drawn from my time as a student and my own general knowledge. Over five years I honed a pretty wide knowledge of policy, practice and audience requirements, eventually developing a global higher education policy site (which was, shall we say, tricky). Journalistic training, natural curiosity, and a smattering of writing and communication skills evidently standing me in good stead for working on countless websites and services.

Three years ago I plunged headlong into the world of construction. Immersed in another jargon-rich sector, here, again, I built up an understanding of a range of disciplines, processes and audiences from a standing start. My knowledge rapidly expanded, thanks to an awful lot of research, and the support, guidance and patience of those more expert than me. (Particular thanks here to Stephen H, Sarah G, Gayle S, David M and Stefan M).

And, almost three years to the day since I joined, I’m pleased to say that a brand-new website is live and traffic to that website stands at an all-time high. Moreover, the Periodic Table of BIM (Nurtured by Stefan M and Robin C, and spun out into a content series, authored by me) remains the high watermark for content that engages audiences and sparks debate. #CuppaBIM anyone?

If my career proves anything, I hope that it’s that subject matter specialists do not have to write the content. A partnership where a skilled writer/researcher can scoop up information and present it in a way that’s clear, concise and aligned with user needs, can get pretty canny results.

And it’s with that idea in mind, that that I’ve taken the plunge into yet another subject area, starting a new role at Sage. My Christmas reading pile just got bigger as I swot up on more amazing acronyms starting with PAYE.

I’m extremely excited about the challenge that now lies ahead for me. I can’t wait to get properly started.
Richard McPartland

As Senior Content Specialist, I’ll be working as part of a dispersed global team of content folk, who work with bods right across the business to work out what’s actually important to users, then hone, polish and present it all in the best way possible, improving the experience every step of the way.

I’m proud to have led some talented folk at NBS, Rich K and Andy G, and worked with some other equally talented bods too - Wayne T, Bridget H and Sunaya M, and there’s dozens more I just don’t have time to list. With an exciting few years ahead for NBS, I am sure they will continue to do excellent things, but I’m extremely excited about the challenge that now lies ahead for me. I can’t wait to get properly started.

Expect my social feeds to get slightly less BIMmy from here on in, though, that said, I’ve a few construction industry ideas that I may well get time to develop next year.

If you stick around for the other stuff, I’m pleased to have you along for the ride. If not, thanks for your interest and I look forward to watching you all drive the revolution to Level 3 and beyond…

Best Wishes for Christmas and a prosperous 2018,


*Possibly. Actually, it’s not that out of character, really… I just have this headline-writing itch I sometimes have to scratch. You may have noticed.

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