Richard McPartland

I’m Richard. If you’re looking to find out who I am and what I do, you’re in the right place.

I’m a communicator at heart. Adept at understanding business drivers and user needs, setting strategy, and then producing the content and functionality that delivers - in the right way, at the right time and in the right place.

I can now draw on over two decades’ experience, through a varied set of roles where words like ‘writer’, ‘journalist’, ‘editor’, ‘content’, ‘communications’. ‘marketing’, ‘digital’ or ‘transformation’ feature.

In short, I can put words to work, deploy them with precision, and then measure and refine to get results.

What I Do

Digital transformation

Audit, Research, Recommendations, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategy, Service Design, User Testing, Implementation, Measurement, Refinement.


Strategy, Research, Interview, Content Design, Writing, Creative, Editing, Proofing, Search Optimisation.


Strategy, Research, Style, Writing, Editing, Proofing, Content Design, Content Management Systems (CMS), Taxonomy, Search Optimisation.


Strategy, Stakeholder Engagement, Planning, Writing, Creative, Community-building, Social media, Measurement, Refinement.